Puma vs. JC Marie


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JC Marie vs. Puma


Time: 21 Minutes/ 437 MB

J.C. is interviewing the great Puma, in her skimpy skirt and glasses she looks both studious and sexy – her questions are very offensive to the big cat; she questions his matches and even his strength. This is all way too much for Puma to endure and he decides to show her how real his destruction can be and especially his lifts, he soon has her over his head before taking her to the ring where he proceeds to strip her top off and continues the wrestling lesson. The big pussy concentrates on big lifts of all kinds; over his head, sideways, presses her from a lying position and even lifts her over the top rope so he can drag her down that rope. He also adds in a lot of standard pain filled holds – hey Puma watch where those hands go, he gets a bit personal with the touching, both to breast and crotch and especially on those lifts – I guess he really wants to teach her a lesson. The blonde is as striking as ever – Puma does a great job of destruction but an even better job of just exposing her fabulous body. Not real, what do you think now JC — how real does this feel ?!?!?!?


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