Puma vs. Shauna


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Puma vs. Shauna Ryanne


Time: 22 Minutes/ 489MB

After the match with Jenny Czech, Puma was on the prowl to find a victim he could take his anger out on, the gorgeous red head Shauna is always up for a battle, so it’s on. She is tough and finds some openings but the big cat has a ravenous appetite, he needs to quench his revenge – in front of him stands the perfect prey; a tough yet supple beauty. Tough enough to last through all his torture yet supple enough for the cat to enjoy it, because we all know how he prefers that soft young flesh. Chokes, throws, claws, lifts — he gives her both barrels of the Puma guns as he wraps his big arms around her tiny waist and squeezes the air out of her. Tough enough to take it and she takes a lot — revenge is so sweet and destruction even sweeter!


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