Sadie vs. Puma


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Sadie Holmes vs. Puma


Time: 21 Minutes/ 510 MB

Puma is at again, yes, the big cat is out to destroy another beautiful lady, Sadie Holmes is the poor wrestler getting destroyed today. Sadie is such a sweetie but also a really tough girl, she may look like the girl next door but I doubt there are few neighbor girls that could take the pain Sadie can. Sexy Sadie has her lean body stretched and pulled in all directions as the masked mauler literally throws her around, so rough is he that her top comes off leaving her beautiful breasts free to be punished. Sadie’s lithe body is lifted high and dropped hard, over his shoulder she is draped as she grimaces from the pain. Sadie can take it all as Puma seems as rough as ever with killer camel clutches, arm bars and back stretches over the turn buckle. How sexy is Sadie in destruction, her body bends as she groans with pain but Puma only laughs, fresh young meat makes the big cat so happy !!!!!!


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