Randy vs. Darrius


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Randy Moore vs. Darrius


Time: 20 Minutes/ 457 MB

Another wild mixed battle, and I do mean battle, this one goes back and forth, first Darrius takes over after an intense lock-up. He has Randy Moore in a full nelson, but the beautiful blonde slides out and puts him in a tight head lock, then to the floor for a stretching grapevine, her lean muscular legs flex as her round mound of butt muscles tighten suspending his legs. A long test of strength is followed by a leg bar, then our rough guy throws her over his shoulder just to show her who’s boss. She answers with a crushing head scissors that rolls into a killer figure four head scissors. Hold after hold they maneuver each other into till he rips her top off and gets her in a great standing choke, she seems to be losing, she can’t breath – she finds an answer, yes, a hard shot between the legs puts her back in control but eventually he recovers and again she is in trouble and again she resorts to; ultimate man destruction. Each time he gains the upper hand, she uses the lower hand. But hitting isn’t good enough, now she has him in the corner and kicks him in no mans land. He keeps coming back, can his superior power be enough or is she going to take his balls and go home ?!?!?!


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