Samantha vs. Duncan


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Samantha Ryan vs. Duncan


Time: 19 Minutes/ 388 MB

Samantha Ryan is one hot beauty and when angry she can be downright mean, Duncan finds this out the hard way when Sam turns her wrath on him. Samantha is wearing a hot short skirt and tight black top, which is so sexy when she bends over to choke him, it rides up high on her milky white thighs, then even higher showing her beautiful round butt. This choke turns into a smother that has poor Duncan stunned and prime for more destruction and it comes in the form of chokes and smothers – his face turns bright red as he strains for air. He has a few comebacks, like when he picks her up and drops her on the couch or when he gets behind her attempting his own choke but since he never totally recovers from the initial choke she always comes back and when she takes the chokes and smothers to the ground poor Duncan is doomed, her long legs clamp around his neck and air again is a rare commodity. The finish is the most devastating part as poor Duncan ends tied in a chair for a sustained session of, you guessed it, devastating hand smothers, she even licks her hand to get a tighter more air tight hold. Don’t get Samantha Ryan angry – unless you like to be without air !!!!!!


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