SPEACIAL FANTASIES – Celeste Star & Keri Spectrum vs. Erika Jordan, Karlie Montana & Terra Mizu


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Celeste Star & Keri Spectrum vs. Erika Jordan, Karlie Montana & Terra Mizu


Time: 19 Minutes/ 381 MB

We all love great butts, so how about a butt kicking extravaganza and the two getting their butts kicked are Celeste Star and Keri Spectrum, the girls doing the butt kicking are Erika Jordan, Karlie Montana and Terra Mizu. How much fun, all these girls in one big match and three of of them beating up on the other two, first they kick their beautiful butts while the girls have on sexy short dresses and of course this is not good enough so they strip them down to their nylons and pound the sweet butts with kicks, knees and punches – if this isn’t enough they line them up on the wall and pound their guts and maul their breasts and of course go back to banging on their asses. Inside and outside they romp as the beat down continues, these masked bad girls even make our poor destroyed ones kiss – oh the humiliation, then they run them up and down while still kicking their beautiful butts. Full on destruction of two beautiful babes by three gorgeous meanies – you will love it, because we all love great butts !!!!!

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