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Cali Logan vs. Ariel X


Time: 18 Minutes/ 390 MB

Feet, feet beautiful feet, how good would it feel to have your toes and feet sucked by a beautiful girl? I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, Cali Logan and Ariel X are in the ring and both want to find out who is stronger – a long exhausting test of strength finally has a winner but don’t gloat because a kick to the groin soon has our winner on the mat getting her ass kicked with a bow and arrow then a great grapevine. But one of our beauties has shoes on and the other cries fowl so Cali takes off her shoes and now the real fun starts with a camel clutch and fish hooks to the face then she bends back and starts in with the feet to Ariel’s face, rubbing them in her face and mouth. This is only the beginning of a long match filled with feats of feet humiliation, each hold is used only to force poor X to suck Cali’s cute little feet, deep into her mouth they go, then out and she is forced to lick them up one side and down the other, she is even forced to suck her own toes as her legs are bent to her in a contorted position. Then hog tied and you guessed it, forced to eat more feet – but it’s the way she leaves poor X that is the worst !!!!!


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