SPECIAL FANTASIES – Danielle vs. Keira


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Danielle Trixie vs. Keira Kelly


Time: 21 Minutes/ 465 MB

She’s a hot little red head that likes it rough, so when when Keira Kelly squares off against Danielle Trixie for a wedgie match it turns out to be a real butt splitter or crotch splitter because both areas are savagely attacked with thin bikini cloth. Keira so likes it rough, even when she has the blonde’s beautiful butt split and pulled high in the air she can’t help but smack that ass, over and over she attacks, finally Danielle returns the favor showing she can be a rough girl herself as she pulls that little bikini so hard she drives it way up inside of the red head’s vagina, her tender lips protrude on either side of the deeply inserted cloth. This is an all out wedgie battle, even the mutual wedgies are pulled to the extreme as these two wedgie wonders are putting on a real show – both these babes are out to prove who is the roughest, who can pull that skinny bikini the deepest into these sexy young butts, or wedge them the firmest up inside their feminine middles. One super rough sexy wedgie war !!!!


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