SPECIAL FANTASIES – Diana vs. Melissa


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Diana Knight vs. Melissa Jacobs


Time: 22 Minutes/ 445 MB

Hits, hits and more hits, that’s what we get when with another great Melissa Jacobs vs. Diana Knight face smacking match. This time both girls are in masks and Diana has on her tight super villain black outfit, Melissa is in her classic skirt that constantly rides up giving us those sexy views of her nylon clad ass and sleek legs – this rear view is especially fine when she goes to the mat and attempts to crawl away. As always in these matches we have loads of head twisting hits, fisted hits that have that old west sound – you know when those cowboy used to batter each other around the saloon. And don’t forget those slaps, open handed smacks that have poor Melissa reeling in pain. Punches and slaps galore, how does this poor girl keep standing – she doesn’t. Yes the hits just keep on coming and then the taunting and verbal battering – if you like hits, then this is the one for you!!!!


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