SPECIAL FANTASIES – Monica vs. Kendra


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Monica Foster vs. Kendra James


Time: 20 Minutes/ 389 MB

The hands clamp together, snap hard into the back, first burst of air leaves the victim’s lungs and we are off to a bear hug feast. Kendra James with her alabaster skin is the perfect contrast for our ebony beauty, Monica – black and white wrapped tight together, flesh pressed to flesh, short forced bursts of expelled air. They delight in constricting hugs, tighter and tighter they compress, standing their heads fall back in exhaustion as the arms tire, kneeling they add the same torture to these now pained guts. Standing and kneeling, from behind and face to face, even on the floor they continues their death crushing embrace. A little breast battle and some scissors is added for variety but let no one mistake the focus, bear hugs, no cuddling here no these are bad intentioned hugs of air reducing quality. These are two beautiful women that love a good hug, hugs only a bear could appreciate. So if you like a good bear hug or just enjoy two young beauties getting so close they take their breath away – if you can bear it, we have the BEAR HUGS for you!


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