SPECIAL FANTASIES – Nikki Lee vs. Akira


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Nikki Lee Young vs. Akira Lane


Time: 18 Minutes/ 414 MB

Bear hugs, bear hugs and so much more, that’s right if you like tight, air restricting hugs but want a lot more with them, then this is the match for you. Nikki Lee, that gorgeous blonde with the hot body has on her skimpy patriotic bikini and she is up against spider lady all dressed in a skin tight black suit, she sounds a lot like Akira Lane. Web girl gets control fast with some super crushing bear hugs and even takes the top off of poor Nikki, but our blonde beauty turns the tables and gets her own crushing bear hugs on this spider babe. But this match is by no means just killer hugs,no, both ladies work over their foes with hard gut slugs, figure four leg and head scissors, camel clutches, waist scissors, grapevines, and spider babe even mauls poor Nikki’s naked breasts. But do not fear they always get back to those tight crushing hugs; from the front, the back, on their knees and with legs around the waist they crush and crush till their bodies seem to almost join as one. Such a great contrast, the milky white skin and blonde hair of this exquisite young beauty against the slim, sexy figure of this spider babe, and to top it off they put on one fabulous show – so if you like bear hugs and oh so much more than this is the one for you !!!!!!


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