SPECIAL FANTASIES – Randy vs. Hollywood


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Randy Moore vs. Hollywood


Time: 18 Minutes/ 426 MB

Bear hugs galore and so much more, you like bear hugs we got Kodiak size hugs and by one of the most beautiful blonds to ever grace a ring – I’m talking Randy Moore. Randy in her skimpy bikini faces off with a sleek Spider girl, she sounds like Hollywood to me, a stare down that turns into a long test of strength. The strong gorgeous blond takes control and never loses it, oh how Randy enjoys destroying this web bitch, she employs great bear hugs both front and reverse, standing and on her knees but there is so much more; long painful waist and head scissors, corner splashes and butt slams to Spider’s waist and head, gut slugs, and what a work of art when ravishing Randy drops on web kitten and stretches her in a grapevine – seeing that beautiful rear and legs flexing – work of art. Oh how lucky that spider wench, as Randy goes sans top and plants her delightful breasts in Spider’s face for a smother, both then she plants just one one to cover Webby’s face. And there’s still more bear hugs left — resplendent Randy at her best – you gotta love it !!!


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