SPECIAL FANTASIES – Tanya vs. Kristie


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Tanya Danielle vs. Kristie Etzold


Time: 21 Minutes/ 489 MB

Tanya Danielle is back for one more, yes the sexy blonde is taking on the dominating Kristie Etzold. Kristie in her stomper boots and jeans is quite the contrast to Tanya in her mini sling bikini. Always ready to destroy Kristie is in an exceptionally sadistic mood which means the bountiful blonde is in for one hell of a ride, and I do mean ride as Kristie employs so many lifts and carries Tanya should have brought her suitcase; over her shoulder, upside down, piggy-back, cradle – but always she goes back to picking her up in a suffocating bear hug, both front and back. Lift and carry then bear hug followed by an excruciating hold or slugs to the gut but always back to those killer bear hugs so we get to see Tanya’s tight ass and muscular lean legs kicking the air. Nothing Kristie likes more than destroying a beautiful body and Tanya has one of the best ever- so if you like bear hugs or lift and carries or just love good old destruction, then watch these two fabulous ladies do what they do best – ENTERTAIN !!!!!


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