SPECIAL FANTASIES – Goldie vs. Shayla


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Goldie Blair vs. Shayla


Time: 19 Minutes/ 420 MB

Jiggle baby jiggle, nothing attracts old school wrestling fans more than some good leg and arm jiggling and that’s exactly what we concentrate on here. Goldie Blair takes on Shayla in a great match where the camera focuses on the that great body shakes, yes when those legs hit the canvas with force they shake and they shake hard because these ladies are throwing all their weight into everything. Bear hugs have their arms shaking and body scissors have those great legs sending ripples all through the limbs and the camera is right down there where it sees every little shimmer. And of course their large breasts are are free of tops and always have a great shake to them but mostly it’s those fabulous legs that the focus is on, it’s almost like we are lying right there on the mat with them, we are low seeing and feeling every vibration that sends shock waves through their gorgeous female flesh. If you weren’t a fan of the female shake before this match will have you feeling GOOD VIBRATIONS!!!!


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