SPECIAL FANTASIES – Tylene vs. Shayla w/ Diana Part 2 of 2


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Tanya Buck vs. Shayla with Diana Knight


Time: 24 Minutes/ 524 MB

DT in association with www.foxyfighter.com brings you one that almost too hot to handle. Diana Knight is again the mistress with the most and her pets this time are Shayla (aka Kristol Summers) and Tylene Buck. Yes this is the same Mistress and pets you so enjoyed in SF-007 but this time they are even more into their sexual pleasures. Mistress Diana wants her chained pets to fight for her affection, no she demands they destroy each other for her. These are heavy chains the ladies are expected to fight in but they do as ordered, savagely go for annihilation, all to the taunting, cheers and delight of Mistress Diana. Affection awaits the victor of each struggle, affection that goes beyond mere kissing – yes these ladies are stroking and grabbing each other in the most stimulating of areas. See the destruction that befalls the loser and the satisfaction that is bestowed upon the victor. The sexiest pets you will ever see — and like all good pets they only wish to please their master – so just sit back and enjoy because you are the REAL MASTER.


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