Tylene vs. Scott


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Tylene Buck vs. Scotty Puma


Time: 20 Minutes/ 393 MB

What better way to kick off our new mixed section than to have the ultimate battle between the sexes. Tylene Buck takes on an average guy, yes a super female athlete vs. an average joe – now we will finally find out which sex is superior athletically. Wrestling, boxing, arm wrestling, MMA, and football, these are the contests and may the best sex win. Tylene, one of the most beautiful and toughest ladies around but can she stand up to a man, even if it is just an average man. We have a score board and the loser of each event has to post the results, this becomes very humiliating for the loser. Each battle is hard fought as both of these contestants know they represent their gender – devastating pain and humiliation await the loser. So see who really belongs on top, who is superior – the ultimate battle between the sexes!


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