Ariel X vs. Cindy


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Ariel X vs Cindy


Time: 20 Minutes / 459 MB

If you look through a lot of our older matches, the 200 series, you will see a beautiful sweet brunette named Cindy, she was popular because she was so cute and so tough. Cindy is still beautiful and just as tough as ever, we know because she came back and we set her up against non other than Ariel X, what a welcome home for this sexy brunette – to get the X treatment. Cindy’s raven hair has grown longer and her figure is still trim and fit and those nipples are as pert as ever. And fight, the girl won’t quit, she gives Ariel all she can handle, bending, choking and even trying to lift Ariel – finally The X has had it with this ball of energy, two hard body slams that shake the whole ring do the trick, poor sweet Cindy is feeling the X wrath as sexy Ariel begins her destruction. Cindy looking for some custom matches, still gorgeous and still loves to fight – welcome home!!!


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