Ashley vs. Puma


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Ashley Rose vs. Puma


Time: 20 Minutes/ 438 MB

Ashley Rose is one bountiful blonde, in the living room she stretches as she readies for a work out when who should appear – non other than the man who loves destroying big tough talking blondes, Puma. Ashley Rose talks so tough, she thinks her size will be enough, so she tells the big cat the fight is on. So you can imagine her utter amazement when she finds herself draped over his big shoulders, she can’t believe she is in this humiliating position, and this is just a small sample of the pain she will be forced to endure as with each hold the big cat punishes her more; chokes, full nelsons, bow and arrows, cradles, arm bars and so many more but to add real humiliation he pulls her breasts out and tweaks her pert nipples. Never has this big blonde yelped so much, so many groans and moans of pain and let me tell you this girl can expel some pain filled sounds. I don’t think Ashley Rose will be talking much trash in the future – not now that she has had the Puma treatment !!!!!


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