Kymberly Jane vs. Cali


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Kymberly Jane vs. Cali Logan


Time: 19 Minutes/ 369 MB

Oh momma this Kymberly Jane is hot! A full figured girl that lets her curves roll all over her lucky opponent, in this case the ever popular Cali. Now Cali can dish out the trash talking with the best of them, so when Kym dishes it right back – well, we knew it was on. And on it was – right from the beginning we can tell both these ladies love the contact, they love wrapping themselves around each other, rolling across the ring, squeezing those shapely legs around waist and neck – hell even when when the holds were painful Kymberly Jane is a gamer and Cali is as active as I’ve ever seen her. This one is total fun because these two ladies enjoy their work, young and full of spunk – we will be seeing a lot more of the gorgeous Kymberly Jane, because this girl is a natural!


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