Celeste, Christina, Shauna, Francesca, Diana


Time: 21 Minutes/ 413 MB

FIVE GIRLS, that’s right five beautiful bodies in one fight. Celeste Star and Christina Carter are chatting in the living room when three masked maulers rush in and attack them, being in masks it’s hard to discern who they are but from the bodies and voices I think they are Shauna Ryanne, Francesca Le, and Diana Knight – it’s a vicious beat down as they trade off on the two against one. Celeste’s beautiful red dress pulls up around her firm little ass as two of these brutes beats on her, then it’s to Christina in her tight jeans, they beat her down with chokes and slugs. The bad girls now drag them out side where they can wreck their revenge for the ass beating Christina gave Karlie in SF-017-03, and I do mean ass beating as the butt was bashed. Now we have two beautiful, battered butts – Celeste’s nylon clad ass under her tight red dress gets punched, kicked and spanked, then they prance her up and down the back of the house as they continue to batter her butt. Next it’s Christina’s round behind that takes the abuse, they smash their fists into her tight jeans, then kick and slap that beautiful butt. It’s back into the house for more destruction and finally to the bedroom where they expose their beautiful behinds, pull down those pants and pull up that dress – get to the skin and finish them with their bare behinds left in the breeze!!!!


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