SPECIAL FANTASIES – Alyssa vs. Afrika Part 2 of 2


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Alyssa Reece vs. Afrika


Time: 17 Minutes/ 388 MB

Squish squash, she’s the queen of squish squash: Afrika; big, black, beautiful, Afrika is most definitely the queen of squish squash as the gorgeous Alyssa Reese is about to find out. Now Alyssa is the first to get her chance at the big squeeze, she wraps her perfect, long, lean legs around Afrika and does her best to take the breath away but Afrika is a continent of strength that soon rolls over most challengers. Once in charge the squish squash queen adds smash, squeeze, scrunch, stomp and it’s all done with bad intentions, yes our poor taut, temptress gets put into savage holds like: head scissors, sitting bear hugs, skull crushers, body scissors, body scissors with chokes, standing bear hugs, foot chokes and of course the coup de grace; Afrika drops all her weight on Alyssa’s slim gut, she sits hard and bounces. That’s why she’s the queen of squish squash, because she does it so well and enjoys it so much! All this fabulous destruction with bad intentions, not just bear hugs but bear hugs that rag doll poor Alyssa, not just skull crushers but SKULL CRUSHERS. Bad intentions make her truly the QUEEN OF SQUISH SQUASH!!!!


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