SPECIAL FANTASIES – Alyssa vs. Honey


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Alyssa Reece vs. Honey Demon


Time: 19 Minutes/ 431 MB

WOW – you want real dominance, dominance with attitude? Nobody has more attitude than Honey – just ask Alyssa Reese. Alyssa was recently in Europe and in Honey’s gym, big mistake, Honey doesn’t like new girls on her turf. The sleek brunette tries to leave, but sadistic Honey was having none of that, not at least until she shows Alyssa who’s boss – she drags her back in by the hair and proceeds to pound her in the gut till she has her beat down, then it’s to the mat room where she throws her down and climbs on top – from here it’s all destruction as she strips her naked: lots of gut slugs and more face slaps then we have ever seen and she really hits poor Alyssa, finally some crotch splitting wedgies and then she is nude – just the way Honey likes her women. The buxom brunette brings out her own luscious breasts as she pleasures herself with Alyssa’s fabulous body and then more of the slugs and slaps. But wait Honey isn’t all mean, no – in the end she gives poor Alyssa a sudsy bath, softly she washes the beaten one’s sleek brown body. WOW – now that’s some real dominance!!!!


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