SPECIAL FANTASIES – Cali vs Diana & Afrika


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Time: 26 Minutes/ 522 MB

COSTUMES, DOMINANCE, BONDAGE oh boy – COSTUMES, DOMINANCE, BONDAGE oh boy. Hold on to your hat because this is one wild ride, Bat Girl (Cali), in her skin tight purple costume is ready to fight Cat Woman (Diana), in her skin tight black outfit but wait Cat Woman’s henchwoman (AfriKa) sneaks up behind her and makes this a very unfair fight – unfair especially because Africa is a very large and strong lady. Poor Bat Girl, stretched to her limit, we aren’t sure which will give first her body hugging costume or her limbs – a double bow and arrow, an assisted camel clutch and the tortuous ceiling press with the free person battering the elevated victim – and they are just getting warmed up. The Cat goes to her bag of tricks and brings out one wicked device after another till our poor little Bat is bound with straps of leather and secured to a metal contraption and to add to her humiliation she has been stripped nude except for her boots and mask. What more can they do to her, oh did I mention the cream filled pastry – yes this is one jam filled match, from beginning to end it’s filled with; COSTUMES, DOMINANCE, BONDAGE – OH BOY!!!!!


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