SPECIAL FANTASIES – Emily vs. Candle


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Time: 21 Minutes/ 406 MB

WOW WEDGIES – these most definitely are wow wedgies, I never knew wedgies could be so sexy. Appropriate that our two wedgie warriors start out topless, nothing should get in the way with their tasks down below. Emily has never been so hot, something about pain makes her nipples stand at attention as she writhes in that special way. Candle, the sleek beauty, just loves inflicting pain, oh she gets her share too, but she so enjoys giving. Violently they pull their panties to the breaking point, dragging their victims, almost lifting them off the ground as wedgies are preformed from all angles; from the back we see their round firm butts as their cheeks are split in two and from the front those tender bottom lips are bisected with pain. And then there’s the mutual wedgies as together they try to sever their bodies with tortuous tugs on the panty cleavers. Never have I had so much trouble picking a photo as there were so many sexy situations. WOW WEDGIES are so much fun!!!!!


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