SPECIAL FANTASIES – Christina vs. Diana & Darrius Part 2 of 2


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Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight & Darrius


Time: 21 Minutes/ 449 MB

Oh it’s special, a fantasy of bloody proportions – Christina Carter as a wondrous woman and Diana Knight as the villain supreme, add a sadistic monster and we have one fabulous battle. Diana devises a plan to get this female caped crusader, they trick her to the ring where ugly monster guy deploys a sneak attack, but wondrous Christina is in her super sexy, super-heroine outfit ready to do battle and a battle it is as both of these mighty foes clash. Throws, blows, lifts and slams, till an exhausted Christina seems to have won. Applause from Diana in her slinky black dress, her wrists come together and she transforms into a super villain – it’s a super nova as the two super stars explode on each other. This battle royal becomes so unfair as monster thing revives and enters the fray. The chains come out and Christina turns red as what feeds her insides now floods over her supple large breasts – now her blood feeds the rage of this destructive duo. But does our super-heroine have the power to come back from this inhumane beating? A hook hangs from the ceiling – dangling from it is one very bloody vanquished lady – but which one?


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