SPECIAL FANTASIES – Ariel vs. Samantha


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Ariel X vs. Samantha Ryan


Time: 25 Minutes/ 478 MB

Mama lock up those kids, this one is too hot for young eyes. Superheroine Samantha Ryan in her super clothes is taking on the sexy villain Ariel X garbed in her sexy bad girl outfit. Our super chick has her way with the bad girl, her powers in full display but sexy X has a secret weapon and once sprayed on her mouth she plants a long hard kiss on Sam’s luscious lips. The kiss that staggers, poor Sam doesn’t know what hit her, X takes over – another long juicy kiss has Sam out cold giving Ariel time to strip her naked. X now licks the naked one’s toes, deep into her mouth they go, now it’s Sam’s turn as X forces her toes into that vulnerable mouth – waking Sam up just in time to witness her own destruction. Once destroyed Ariel takes her own clothes off and mounts Sam’s splayed body, wraps her sleek legs around Sam’s soft thighs, opens her mouth then proceeds with more deep sensual kisses. Next she puts her over the top rope as it’s time for the whip – how submissive is poor Sam by now? So much so that X mounts her from behind and with each thrust she slams hard into Sam’s round buttocks proving who has dominance. More thrusts, much more destruction and we haven’t even got to the ball gag and chain. Keep those kids locked up mama – hell, this may be even too hot for some of adults!


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