SPECIAL FANTASIES – Goldie vs. Sinn Part 2 of 2


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Goldie Blair vs. Sinn Sage


Time: 14 Minutes/ 273 MB

You like smother – we got smother! But this is no ordinary smother match no these girls both have distinct body parts that afford them pillows for breathless destruction. Goldie, breasts made to wrap around her victim and leave them gasping for air – Sinn, butt checks made to plant a face in. Both girls talk the smack and are ready to see who can smother the best, but wait what’s that Goldie is putting on her bountiful breasts – this could be trouble for poor Sinn. They start out even, each leaving the other breathless, but Sinn soon starts to get groggy and that’s the opening Goldie is looking for as she puts those huge mounds of flesh to work, Sinn’s legs kick wildly as she struggles for air – over and over she is air challenged till she is left gasping almost completely spent. Goldie then decides she will only use her ass to suffocate poor Sinn, she sits on her in varied positions, pulls her head into her crack, in every way possible she uses her ass to deprive helpless Sinn of air. Yes it’s a smother smorgasbord – tits and ass used as weapons of suffocating destruction!!!


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