SPECIAL FANTASIES – Tylene vs. Diana


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Tylene Buck vs. Diana Knight


Time: 22 Minutes/ 426 MB

Diana and Tylene are both dating the same man. The only problem is they just found out. Fresh with the news, Diana rushes to Tylene’s house to enact some serious titty torture on the buxom blonde. Tylene, never being one to shy from a fight, lashes back at Diana’s chest with sharp nails and strong fingers. The two grapple with each other while feverishly gouging and squeezing each other’s ample breasts. The girl’s tiny mid-drift tank-tops hang on for dear life, but are no match for the cruel jealous rage of Tylene and Diana. Naked and exhausted, one will succeed and win the love of her man for good. So if you’re in the mood for a big breasted, boob mauling match this is the match for you!


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