SPECIAL FANTASIES – Hollywood vs. Samantha


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Hollywood vs. Samantha Ryan


Time: 21 Minutes/ 448 MB

Bear hugs, chokes, body scissors, gut slugs, claws and lots more bear hugs, that’s what we get from Samantha Ryan when she goes at Bat Babe, who sounds a lot like Hollywood. Squeeze that black bat till she screams, then hit her with some great gut blasts and choke her for good measure, oh yeah, Sammy just loves beating up this super bat and we all love to watch. Tons of great rib breaking bear hugs front and back, kneeling and carrying, on the ground and standing – it’s all out bat destruction and the beautiful brunette just loves it so, as will you if you are a bear hug fan, watch as those limbs get tossed around like a rag doll, all the time squeezing the breath out of this sexy bat. Bear hugs, bear hugs and a bunch more destruction thrown in !!!!!


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