SPECIAL FANTASIES – Sinn, Stacy, Goldie, Jewell, Lisa Part 2 of 2



Sinn Sage, Stacy Burke, Lisa Comshaw, Goldie Blair, Jewell Marceau


Time: 20 Minutes/ 398 MB

Sinn Sage, Lisa Comshaw, and Stacy Burke arrive home from a girls night out, dressed in their short sexy party dresses they settle in. Sinn has to excuse herself for a bit and Stacy and Lisa chat but soon the crazy side of Lisa starts to come out as her obsession about feet overtakes her – next thing we know she is attacking poor Stacy who eventually finds herself nude in the bedroom where Lisa is having her way with her. Sinn goes back to the living room and Lisa has to scurry to get back to her but again crazy Lisa comes out and soon Sinn is on the floor being ravaged and she too ends up in the bedroom where Lisa can attack both their feet and bodies. Next Jewell Marceau and Goldie Blair arrive from their night out – things get really complicated now, Jewell and Lisa are sisters and both quite crazy. From here everything is just a wild nude free for all – but they always end up at the feet. So who is really crazier Jewell or Lisa, that’s a hard one as both of these beauties take it to the limit – the whole night is wild and crazy! how much fun is it to have five of DT’s greatest ladies all back together again doing what they do best – GETTING NUDE WILD AND CRAZY!


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