SPECIAL FANTASIES – Andie vs. Afrika


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Andie Valentino vs. Afrika


Time: 21 Minutes/ 516 MB

Remember how cute Andie Valentino was, well get a fun look at her again in this highly specialized video. Andie comes a bounding and a dancing in her very tight short shorts and tank top, she is prancing and gyrating all around, something Afrika finds very annoying as she is trying to read, finally she has had enough and she throws the sexy brunette to the floor where she declares her intent to squish her. For an extremely long time she sits fully on Andie’s chest, locking her arms under her large muscular legs. Poor Andie hasn’t a chance of escape, she can only wildly flail her legs as Afrika enjoys slowly squishing the life out of her but Andie keeps up her trash talking causing Afrika to bounce up and down, over and over she maintains this positions and bit by bit the brunette becomes weak till she is a rag doll. Afrika still isn’t finished, she now folds her up like a match book as she tries to squeeze the last bit of air from our poor tiny dancer. It’s all squish, but so much fun to see the sexy Andie again !!!!


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