SPECIAL FANTASIES – Tanya Christina Diana Part 1 of 2


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Time: 16 Minutes/ 324 MB

DT presents another fabulous fantasy written and produced by www.foxyfighter.com

Diana in her skin tight dominatrix black suit leads Tanya Danielle in on all fours. she is clad in a bright bodice that protrudes her large breast even more than usual. This is just one of her obedient ones, the next brought in with chain around her neck is Christina Carter – face to face like two wild animals, all they need is the master’s command. And soon they will have that command but not before our warriors know what is at stake, how much depends on them pleasing their mistress, instructions on the battle are given and the fight is on – destruction of tender breasts is vital for victory and each victory brings tender kisses from Mistress Diana and shame to the loser. Harder and harder they battle trying to please their sadistic mistress, on the table they bite breasts and destroy crotches, then back to the floor and finally the couch. Lavish kisses to the victor and destruction to loser. A fantastic fantasy of fabulous fun!!!!


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